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Green Belt Training : 10-14th Nov,

Stirling, UK 

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Training documentation is on interactive iPad book as part of course & iPad mini is included to keep. 

Course includes coaching support to achieve GB certification, call for more details.

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Other Training Programs

To build a Business Excellence culture you need to have people who understand what it is and how to execute to achieve it. This involves investing in training your best talent to lead the business through the improvement actions/projects they undertake. Also the ROI is that the Belts get an certification award which recognises their skills and the business benefit, which are recognised by other organisations.

Training depth (or level) required depends on the role of the trainee and the scope of actions within the organisation. We have found that our linked program allows the Belts to develop through the levels as the business requires and as their ambition grows.

These levels are often linked to the martial arts levels as a reference point:

Yellow Belt - Awareness training - Introduction of what is Business Excellence and the key terms & tools like Lean, Six Sigma, DMAIC, Measurement, Performance, Understanding Quality and the Customer requirements, Waste. Course length from 2 to 8 Hours

Brown Belt - Senior Management Sponsor - Awareness Training with focus on Project sponsorship and project identification to achieve Business Excellence. Course Length from 1 to 2 days

Green Belt - Practitioner Level - In-depth coverage of Lean & Six Sigma methodologies with the staged execution of DMAIC. Focus on use of improvement toolsets, like process mapping and basic data analysis to solve key business issues and the elimination of waste. Course length 5 days

Black Belt - Advanced Practitioner Level - Building on the Green Belt knowledge with more in-depth data analysis skills using statistical software to find the "statistically significant differences" to drive identification and elimination of variance in the business along with use of lean techniques to ensure process flow. Course length 5 to 10 days depending on experience. 

Master Black Belt - Master Practitioner level - Additional skills to teach other Belts and coach projects to success. Methods of working with the senior management team to identify and prioritise business projects to match the overall business strategy to achieve Business Excellence. Course length 5 days plus developed plan

Kaizen Leaders - Workshop Leaders - Focus on the skills to lead a small team to identify and fix inter-department or cross business issues using a standard set of Lean tools. Course Length 3 days

Customisation of Training

All training is customised to your business/application and we will design other training solutions to meet your needs. 

Our experience of coming from and working with the largest organisations means that we understand all the complexities for achieving success and we know what to avoid to guarantee a program that just works!!

Open Course Training

Please let us know if you want to be kept informed on Open Course training. We have delivered training in all parts of the world especially UK, Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore, so please leave us a message if you are interested.

We are currently reserving places for a Green Belt course in May 27-31st in the UK and Black Belt in June 16-20th in Dubai.

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Rewarding the Belts with an industry recognised certificate which confirms their skills and demonstrates their ability to deliver improvement to the business is their ROI for often putting more than 100% into their work. Also it demonstrates that the business is willing to develop its employee's, so it is a win-win scenario.

Our recommended process is.... 

It is important that the process is clear to all and the responsibility of each person in the process is outlined.

With our many years of training, developing and supporting all the various Belts we have trained in many many organisations and also being instrumental in the creation of the standards that Belts are judged by (lead Motorola's program in the 1990s), we are able to offer Certification with a signature that gives credibility to the certificate award.

Additional details on Certification.

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We have packages for each belt level and we can accredit programs delivered by others, following our world class certification standard as we implemented in other leading companies.

Building Business Excellence