Business Analysis 

  • Where do you start? 
  • Where there is pain in the organisation?
  • Whoever is shouting the loudest?
  • What does the Customer demand?

It is always easy to find things to do but we need to do more than "do", we need to "do the right things, in the right order" to improve and another step toward achieving Business Excellence. Just as in a medical crisis where Triage ensures that the right things are done first, we employ our standard business analysis techniques to quickly find the areas that will return the most value and prioritise them, the starting point for Business Excellence.

What is Value?

Issues and problems that when promptly fixed give:

  • ££s Direct to the bottom line
  • Resolution to Customer Issues
  • Compliance with industry/legal standards
  • Features that make you stand out from your competitors

Our experience means that we will focus on the elements which give you what you need NOW.

What do we do?

Using the management team and selected individuals, we create a joint plan and a roadmap to the end targets required (& towards the vision of Business Excellence). 

The plan contains identified and prioritised opportunities AND the value to the business AND when it will be delivered. So we start with a clear end, knowing exactly what will be realised and when.

We create a roadmap of projects as they give

  • Clear focus on objectives
  • Tracking on progress
  • Clarity on timescales

It is only when that is done that a clear way forward can be communicated by all.

The 5 Stage Process

By following this staged process we have full depth on the issues and timescales, minimising any risks 
and focusing on RESULTS.

The 5 Stage approach to

  • Identifying the improvement gaps
  • Begin your Business Excellence journey
  • Know what the end results will be for your Business
Each stage will deliver significant benefits to your business.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you understand the opportunities for Improvement in Your Organisation.

Targeting Business Excellence