The European Team

Matthew Gracie

Based in the UK, Matthew has worked extensively in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Finance industries in the last few years. He spends significant time in the Gulf region and has built up an extensive understanding of the types of approaches, which suit these clients. He lead the Motorola Six Sigma program in the 1990s and has shared his extensive knowledge with many of the World's leading companies.

E:      M: +44 7850975174 

Chris McCann

Based in the UK, Chris has worked extensively in the Electronics, Manufacturing, Transportation, Food and Drink and Oil & Gas industries amongst others. He utilises the experience and skills gained at Motorola to bring breakthrough improvements with significant $ impact and high employee engagement which delivers sustainable improvements and culture change.

E:           M: +44 7834 020124 

Jim Vallance

Based in the UK & fluent in English & Spanish, Jim has worked in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Auto, Retail, Oil and Finance industries. His specialisms include Data analysis that has brought amazing results in these areas, and organisational development and change management knowledge that brings confidence and reassurance to his clients.

E:           M: +44 7743 180191 

Steve Alsop

Based in the UK, Steve has provided consulting services to the Oil, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Global Logistics industries since his time at General Electric as a Master Black Belt. He prides himself on his educating, coaching, team leading and facilitation skills, which together with a pragmatic approach to problem solving, help to ensure solid process improvement and lasting results.

E:        M: +44 7979 606138 

George Bowers

Based in the UK, George has international experience in a range of industries and organisations in both the Private and Public sectors. Interested primarily in the human aspects of performance improvement, he works with teams and key individuals to improve their effectiveness in delivering the required outcomes.

E:           M: +44 7711 681661 

Frank Dotman 

Based in the Netherlands and fluent in English & Dutch, Frank has worked in all departments/processes in the Oil, Chemical, Semi-Process, Assembly, Service and Healthcare industries, bringing his extensive Lean improvement methodologies to these sectors, delivering outstanding results.

E:          M: +31 611361446 

Alberto Canali, Ph.D.

Based in France & Italy & fluent in Italian, English, French & Spanish, Alberto has worked in Oil and Manufacturing industries. His specialism is in accompanying the customer to the satisfaction of his strategic needs and in driving projects to completion through the extensive Lean & Six Sigma toolset. For these reasons, he is very much requested by his clients.

E:     M: +39 335 6156236 

Thomas Schröder

Based in Germany & fluent in English & German, Thomas has worked in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil and Manufacturing industries. His ability to bring down the process variation in key processes, which causes many customer complaints in down to his ex-Ford skill-set.

E:    M: +49 1736530582 

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